Dog Bite Accident Lawyer Prairieville, LA

Dog Bite Accident Lawyer Prairieville, LA

Most dogs will go their entire lives without ever displaying aggression, and even fewer will actually bite a person or pet. The dogs that do bite, though, can cause serious physical and emotional trauma to the victim. Make no mistake – a dog bite injury is much more than just a playful nip. Victims may be permanently scarred or disabled and left with permanent phobias. If a dog has bitten you, we can help you. A Prairieville, LA, dog bite accident lawyer can give you legal advice for pursuing compensation for your losses so you can recover and move on from the mauling.

At Cashio Injury Attorneys, LLC, we represent victims like you who have been hurt by another person or party’s negligence. We take dog bite injuries seriously, and we understand the physical and mental toll that pursuing your legal rights can take. Call our offices today for a free consultation to learn more.

What Does A Prairieville Dog Bite Accident Lawyer Do?

Being attacked by a dog can be one of the most frightening experiences someone could suffer. The shock, pain, and fear are overwhelming, and you may not know what to do next. Dog bites carry a high risk of infection, and there’s even a chance you could be exposed to rabies. The edges of a dog bite are also notoriously difficult to suture, and deep scarring afterward is common. You may have permanent muscle or nerve damage after the bite, leaving you physically disabled. Medical care, both emotional and physical, for a dog bite, can be more expensive than you think.

Dogs are considered property in Louisiana, so the dog’s owner can be held legally liable for all damages their animal causes. A lawyer can help you learn what kind of compensation is available to you and your legal options for securing it.

Getting Fair Compensation After A Dog Bite

Dog bite victims often get blamed for the attack or may be dissuaded from reporting it or taking legal action. Hiring a lawyer protects you and shields you from the ire of the dog’s owner. You can refer communications to the lawyer and focus on resting and healing.

You are entitled to compensation for all medical care you require to heal, including surgery or therapy to help you overcome the trauma or a newly developed phobia. Your lawyer can properly value your claim and pursue a settlement with the other party’s insurance company to cover your losses – current and future. They also protect your interests and rights, defending you against being unfairly blamed for the attack.

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Do you need help getting compensation after being mauled by a dog? Many dog bite victims may blame themselves or be too afraid to seek justice. We can help. An experienced Prairieville dog bite accident lawyer from Cashio Injury Attorneys, LLC, can defend your rights and help you get the compensation you need for physical and mental health recovery. Call today for a free consultation.