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dog bite accident lawyer Baton Rouge, LAIf you were attacked by a dog and sustained injury, then a dog bite accident lawyer Baton Rouge, LA community members depend on from Cashio Injury Attorneys recommends contacting our law firm now for support. The owner is responsible for keeping the public safe from harm. If they knew their dog was prone to aggression, then it was their negligence that caused the situation to happen. Dogs may bite for various reasons, but ultimately, it’s the owner’s duty to the public to take precautions so no one gets hurt.

When you call our law firm, the first thing we may ask you is if you received medical attention yet for your injuries. It is important to your health and case to seek treatment as soon as possible after the bite occurred. If you don’t have medical documentation that reflects your injuries, it will be harder to successfully pursue compensation for what you have been through.

Furthermore, by not seeing a doctor, you may be at an increased likelihood for developing a serious infection at the wound site. You may try to keep it washed, cleaned, and apply ointment to it, but an infection can still happen because of the bacteria that gets transferred from the animal’s mouth into your system. In the days following a dog attack, keep an eye on the wound to make sure there are no signs of infection. If you do notice any of these symptoms, then you must see a doctor now:

  • Fluid or pus leaking from wound
  • Tenderness near bite
  • Limited use of limb or area that was bitten
  • Loss of sensation around the bite
  • Fever or chills
  • Fatigue
  • Night sweats
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Muscle weakness
  • Muscle tremors
  • Breathing difficulties

Bacteria that live in a dog’s mouth include staphylococcus, capnocytophaga, pasteurella, and may be transferred to a person if the bite penetrated the skin barrier. Those with weakened immune systems or conditions such as diabetes are at more of a risk of infection. Deeper bites may have caused damage to nearby nerves, muscles, bones, tendons, and blood vessels. As a Baton Rouge dog bite accident lawyer may remind clients, even a wound that is small but still punctured through the skin should be looked at by a doctor. If you were bitten, have the above symptoms, feel faint, or don’t know when your last tetanus shot was, then you must visit a doctor for a proper treatment plan.

When a dog attack happens because an owner was negligent and failed to keep the public safe from harm, then a victim has the right to pursue financial compensation. The owner may be liable for medical bills, loss of wages from missing work to stay at home and recover, pain and suffering, and more. Please call our Baton Rouge lawyer dog bite accident team from Cashio Injury Attorneys immediately if you or someone you care about was just bitten by a dog and sustained serious injury because of a careless dog owner.

How to Know You Have a Case

As a dog bite accident lawyer Baton Rouge, LA community members depend on from Cashio Injury Attorneys, LLC knows, dogs are a man’s best friend, that is, until they bite someone. Dogs can attack for many reasons, but when you are the victim of a dog bite, the exact reason why they reacted is not your concern. At our law firm, we have seen how badly a person’s life can be affected after being the victim of a dog attack. We understand that it’s not only the wound in itself you have to deal with, as you may have other losses too related to missing out on work, medical bills, mental health struggles, and more. 

Depending on where you reside, state law may make it easier or more difficult for victims to seek compensation for a dog bite attack. There are “one bite” laws that force victims to show that the owner was aware of the dog’s propensity for aggressive behavior. But in other areas, there is a strict liability for owners of dogs that act out in a way that results in injury to others. However, there are exceptions to strict liability that victims should be privy to, including the following:

  • A person must have been lawfully on someone’s property when the dog bite occurred, as dog owners may not be strictly liable to trespassers. 
  • Police officers may be strictly liable for innocent bystanders who get hurt from a dog, but not suspects that were injured while being pursued. 
  • Dog kennel workers and veterinarians may not sue dog owners for strict liability if they get bitten, as this is an assumed risk for the job. 
  • Owners of dogs may not be strictly liable when victims had contributed to the dog bite happening by provoking, harassing, or pestering the animal.

Dog attacks can cause severe injuries that can have permanent impacts on the victim. The jaws of an animal are powerful, with the ability to tear soft tissue and crush muscles. Victims of dog attacks may suffer from torn ligaments, fractured bones, lacerations, traumatic amputations, infections, puncture wounds, infections, and/or disfiguring scarring. As a Baton Rouge dog bite lawyer can explain, a dog owner may be liable for the victim’s injuries and other losses that were the result of the incident itself, such as injuries sustained while trying to run away from the animal or when defending oneself. 

Victims of dog attacks can seek financial recourse from the owner of the dog. But what if the dog was loose and by itself? Victims are then advised to contact their local law enforcement office and animal control center so that they can file a report and try to locate the owner, if there is one. If the owner was present during the dog bite, then it will be of utmost importance to gather their name and contact information, in addition to evidence at the scene. Take pictures of your visible injuries if you can and get yourself to the nearest hospital for treatment. Then follow up with a Baton Rouge dog bite lawyer from our law firm to guidance on how to approach the owner for repayment of your medical bills and other losses.

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