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premises liability lawyer Baton Rouge, LAIf you were hurt while on someone else’s property, you may be tempted to dismiss it as your clumsiness and move on with your day, but a premises liability lawyer Baton Rouge, LA residents turn to from Cashio Injury Attorneys would advise against that. It may have not occurred to you that you are actually a victim in this scenario and should consider filing a lawsuit against the property owner. Premises liability claims can be complicated, probably in part due to the fact that they happen everyday. So how do you know that what you went through wasn’t just an unlucky accident? 

Well, thousands of people go to various locations for what they need, such as retail stores, workplaces, a friend’s house, or other errands, and are not hurt while they are visiting. However, if an injury was sustained due to the property owner being negligent with safety, then that’s enough reason to consider whether filing a lawsuit is necessary.

Before taking the step to file a lawsuit for injuries you sustained while visiting a property, it will be important that you get a legal consultation. This is because there must be certain conditions that apply to the accident that mean you have a reliable claim, which have been briefly outlined below:

  1. The defendant is responsible for the property. It may not be the building owner’s responsibility if there is a company renting the room or floor for where the injury occurred. A Baton Rouge premises liability lawyer can identify who is at-fault if it is being rented out from under the building owner.
  2. The plaintiff was visiting the property legally. You must have been allowed to be at the property when your injury happened. Defendants may try to get a victim’s claim disproved by saying the plaintiff was not approved to be there. But in most cases, unless the plaintiff forced their way onto the property, they were probably just shopping or had been invited to the location for one reason or another.
  3. The defendant did not maintain the property safely. To have a successful premises liability claim, it has to be proven that the victim’s injuries were a direct result of negligence on behalf of the defendant. The building owner, landlord, or other party responsible for keeping a safe environment for visitors may be held liable for a victim’s injuries and other losses.

When meeting with a member of our team, we will discuss with you whether your situation warrants a premises liability case. Helpful information to have during your consultation include a copy of the injury report, witness names, pictures of the scene and your injuries, medical documents, name of the property owner, address of the location you were injured at, and other relevant details. Innocent people shouldn’t have to suffer the consequences of someone else being negligent, especially when it resulted in serious injury. Contact our Baton Rouge lawyer premises liability team from Cashio Injury Attorneys today to have your questions answered.

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