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uber accident lawyer Baton Rouge, LARideshare companies such as Uber have become super popular forms of travel within recent years, but when collisions happen, an Uber accident lawyer Baton Rouge, LA residents trust from Cashio Injury Attorneys may be needed. How simple it is to open up an app on your phone, wait a few minutes for a driver to arrive, then hop in without further worry about how you’ll get to your destination. But what happens if someone gets hurt while being a passenger in a rideshare? If you were injured because of an accident while riding in an Uber, you may be entitled to a lawsuit settlement. Please call our team now to learn more about your options.

If you were seriously injured in an Uber accident, you must seek help right away. By getting treatment, it is serving two purposes for your case. Firstly, your doctor will provide you with the care you need so you can heal properly. And secondly, you will have documentation that supports your injuries claims if you choose to file a claim. In the aftermath of an Uber accident, we suggest hiring a knowledgeable lawyer to assist with the complicated negotiation that may need to happen with both Uber and other insurance companies.

Accidents happen frequently, but Uber accidents specifically come along with certain nuances. For example, your Uber driver’s car insurance policy may cover them in the event of an accident, but not necessarily you. This is true even if the Uber driver was at-fault for the accident, as their insurance company and Uber are likely to resist paying a victim for their claims. Remember, at the end of the day, these companies are more concerned about their pocketbook than yours, and will deflect liability by whatever means they can. But thankfully, there are dedicated lawyers out there who believe in a victim’s right to restitution, and we are that team who can help you.

It is possible to hold Uber liable for injuries you sustained. As your Baton Rouge uber accident lawyer knows, your own personal insurance coverage may not be enough to cover the entirety of your losses either. Examples of ways you may have suffered financially after being in an Uber accident include:

  • Medical bills (including hospitalization, diagnostics, prescriptions, etc.)
  • Loss of wage (from missing work to go to doctor’s appointments)
  • Property damage replacement (if your phone or other belongings was broken during the crash)
  • Mental health (needing to see a therapist after the accident for new or worsened depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc.)

If you are wondering whether the Uber accident you were in warrants filing a claim, there is no risk in sitting down with a member of our legal team to have your questions answered. Once we learn more about the factors of the accident and what your injuries and losses were, we will have a better idea of how you can proceed next. Truly, the only way to know how much you fairly deserve in a situation like this is to meet with a lawyer experienced in this area of law. Most other parties involved in the accident won’t have your best interest in mind, and they often make that clear to victims. So please call a Baton Rouge lawyer uber accident from Cashio Injury Attorneys now for strategic support.

Why hire a lawyer?

Getting into any type of vehicle accident can be dreadful and cause serious injuries, as a Baton Rouge, LA Uber accident lawyer understands. That said, things can feel infinitely more complicated when you ride in an Uber and get into an accident. You may feel out of sorts, especially if you were not paying attention to what happened right as the accident occurred. Did your Uber driver cause the accident? Did another driver hit your car? Was there a pedestrian or bicyclist on the road? Who should you file a claim against or are there multiple parties you need to file a claim against? This can become stressful when you are trying to deal with different parties in a claim and you are trying to rest and recover after an accident. When you are ready to move forward with your claim please reach out to Cashio Injury Attorneys, LLC. 

What is the challenge with ride-sharing service accidents? 

There are many challenges you may face if you were involved in an accident with an Uber driver. This includes whether you were a passenger in an Uber and the driver is responsible, you were driving your own vehicle and were hit by an Uber driver, or you were riding in an Uber while another driver caused the accident. Because it can be especially difficult to determine which party–or how many parties–are at fault when it comes to ride-sharing accidents, it is beneficial to work with a Baton Rouge Uber accident lawyer. When filing a claim, your lawyer will look at:

  • Who is liable for the claim (was it your driver, another driver, or both parties?),
  • What their personal insurance coverage might be, and
  • Whether Uber’s insurance company will cover any injuries or damages you suffered.

Are Uber drivers employees or contractors? 

This is a big part of determining which insurance you will be filing a claim against. If the Uber driver is responsible for the accident, you will want to learn whether you are covered under their insurance or Uber’s. Uber, like many ridesharing companies, prefers to hire independent contractors to avoid legal battles and insurance claims. Your lawyer may fight for compensation from the driver as well as the company. 

How do you know when Uber is liable vs. the driver? 

This will depend on different factors, including whether the driver had their Uber app going. If they drove you, picked you up “off the record,” and got into an accident, Uber would require the driver’s insurance company to cover the damages. Similarly, if they were available to pick up riders but had not changed their status to “ride accepted,” the driver would likely still be on the hook for damages unless the injuries you suffered from were severe and you needed more substantial compensation. 

When you need help with an Uber accident claim, look for the team of lawyers at Cashio Injury Attorneys, LLC to see who can help you with your claim. Reach out to our Baton Rouge Uber accident lawyer now.

Can Happen Anywhere

A Baton Rouge, LA Uber accident lawyer knows that many people use Uber and Lyft for both convenience and safety. For example, if they are going to the airport, they will not have to worry about paying for parking their vehicle. If they are going out for a night on the town, they don’t have to worry about risking getting pulled over for drinking and driving.

And while you may have had good intentions when you got into that Uber, the reality is that car accidents happen and many of them involve ridesharing vehicles. But just like other vehicle accidents, if you were injured in an Uber accident, Louisiana law says you are entitled to financial compensation for any losses your injuries cause you.


Unlike other vehicle accidents, trying to figure out who is liable for your losses can be complex. This is where having an experienced Baton Rouge uber accident lawyer can make all the difference in the success of your case.

One of the several factors that need to be taken into consideration when pursuing a claim is how you were injured:

  • Were you a passenger in the Uber when the accident happened?
  • Were you in another vehicle (as either the driver or a passenger) when the accident happened?
  • Were you a pedestrian who was struck by an Uber?

Driver Status

Another factor that has to be determined is the status of the Uber driver at the time of the crash. In many cases involving vehicles conducting business, the company the driver is working for is liable for the victim’s damages, such as a delivery driver or bus driver. In these cases, the company is liable for the acts of their employee.


But Uber drivers are not actually employees of the corporation Uber. They are legally classified as independent contractors. This means that the corporation Uber may not hold any liability unless certain criteria exist.

One of the factors that your lawyer will examine was if the Uber driver was signed into available status in their Uber app when the accident occurred. This will determine who your lawyer will file the accident claim to:

  • If the Uber driver’s status was not available, then the driver is liable for the victim’s losses under their own vehicle liability insurance.
  • If the Uber driver’s status was available but there were no passengers in the vehicle, the driver is liable for the victim’s losses under their own vehicle liability insurance. If, however, not all of the victim’s losses are covered, then they can file an additional claim against Uber’s liability insurance.
  • If the Uber driver’s status was available and they did have passengers in the vehicle, then Uber’s corporate liability insurance policy will cover up to $1 million in victim losses.

Filing a Claim

Regardless of the status of the driver, it is not uncommon for either the Uber driver’s insurance company or Uber’s corporate insurance policy to try to deny a victim’s claim. This is why you should contact a Baton Rouge Uber accident lawyer from Cashio Injury Attorneys, LLC for legal assistance.

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