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motorcycle accident lawyer Baton Rouge, LAOne fact that a motorcycle accident lawyer Baton Rouge, LA families trust from Cashio Injury Attorneys may share with clients is that motorcyclists only account for about 5% of the driving population. So why is it that they are among the most common fatal auto accidents out there? A motorcyclist is gravely more likely to not only be injured in an accident, but to lose their life. Riders may suffer the consequences of drivers who are violating the rules of the road and not watching out for motorcyclists.

There are ways you can protect yourself from being the victim in a motorcycle crash, however, it is not always completely avoidable because we cannot control how others decide to drive. In the event of a motorcycle accident, it will be important to take the following steps.

Get Yourself To Safety

The first response you should have is to take a look at your surroundings and assess your injuries. Did you get hit off your bike and land somewhere in harm’s way, or are you badly injured? Check to see who else is involved, and get yourself to a safe space out of the way of other traffic if you are physically able to do so.

Call 911 For Help

You should always call 911 for help after an accident. The officer will arrive and take a report of the scene including factual information about what could have contributed to it happening. It is recommended that you obtain a copy of this police report, as it will be helpful to share with your Baton Rouge motorcycle accident lawyer during a consultation. An emergency medical team will arrive as well so that those with injuries can be attended to immediately.

Go To The Doctor

Even if the emergency medical team determined that you have no critical injuries, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t visit your doctor the same day for further treatment. Your doctor can get you on a care plan that allows you to recover as fully as possible. Our team understands that after such a serious motorcycle accident, not every rider will be able to get back to the same health they were before. At the very least, we can fight for fair restitution from the person responsible for the crash.

Talk With A Lawyer

It is in your best interests to speak with a lawyer, as this person will have your physical and financial recovery in mind from the very start. Your legal team are people that can watch out for your back and intervene if you are being treated unfairly. For example, you may be offered a settlement from an insurance adjuster that is insultingly low for what you endured. Our team can negotiate firmly with insurance so that your current and future medical costs and other expenses are covered.

To speak with a lawyer now about your case, please call our dedicated Baton Rouge lawyer motorcycle accident team from Cashio Injury Attorneys for reputable legal support.

Dangerous Motorcycle Situations

A motorcycle accident lawyer Baton Rouge, LA residents depend on for quality legal services understands the turmoil that victims of motorcycle crashes face. With more than 15 years of experience representing injured people who deserve compensation, we know that your life may have just been turned upside down. You may be suffering physically and mentally, and worried about the future of your finances. If you are the victim of a motorcycle crash that wasn’t your fault, then you shouldn’t have had to deal with the aftermath of it to begin with. With our assistance, we can help get you the compensation you need to overcome. 

Drivers may put motorcyclists in risky situations by making unsafe maneuvers on the roadway. Drivers may claim that they never saw the motorcyclist near, but this is no excuse, as every driver must watch out for the presence of those on motorcycles. And sadly, many drivers ignore their duty to show care for motorcyclists who travel defenseless and unprotected, except for the gear they wear on their head and body. As a Baton Rouge motorcycle accident lawyer explains, here are some of the most common situations that puts a motorcyclist in danger:

  • Vehicle turning left: a driver may only do a quick look before proceeding with a turn, not noticing the smaller profile of motorcyclists coming their direction. This kind of turn can put the length of the vehicle in front of the rider and offer little space or time for the rider to avoid the crash. 
  • Lane splitting: this is when a motorcyclist moves between stopped or slowed traffic, usually at traffic lights or highways. The motorcyclist may share the lane with another vehicle, and if drivers are not paying enough attention they can actually hit the rider next to them. 
  • Unsafe lane changes: drivers of larger vehicles often forget to look in their blind spots and check side mirrors, which means they can suddenly come upon a motorcyclist beside them. Drivers who are merging must also check to make sure the space is clear so that they don’t sideswipe a rider on a motorcycle. 
  • Rear-end collisions: motorcyclists may install extra bright red or blinking brake lights, but drivers may still not see the flashing or red taillight, or misjudge the space between them and the rider, causing them to hit the motorcyclist from the back. The motorcyclist may then be thrown off their bike and sustain serious injury from impact. 

We empathize with victims of injury accidents who are going through anguish due to no fault of their own. And sometimes, a person may think they were partially responsible for an auto accident, but there may be influencing factors that you had not been privy to or considered. With our help, we can get you and your family through this immensely difficult period. You can rely on us. Contact a Baton Rouge motorcycle accident lawyer today at Cashio Injury Attorneys, LLC, for a strategic and informative consultation.

Reasons Why Seeking Legal Guidance Is So Important After a Motorcycle Crash

If you’re wondering whether consulting with an experienced Baton Rouge, FL motorcycle accident lawyer at Cashio Injury Attorneys, LLC is worth your time and effort in the wake of an injurious motorcycle crash, the answer – in a nutshell – is a resounding “yes.” Our firm is not one to “toot our own horn.” We do not encourage injury victims to seek legal guidance because we enjoy representing the interests of our clients – even though we certainly do. We strongly encourage injury victims to schedule a risk-free consultation because they deserve to truly understand their rights and options under the law.

Here are just a few reasons why you should avoid a “DIY” approach to your legal case and should, instead, speak with an experienced Baton Rouge motorcycle accident lawyer who understands the state’s injury laws inside and out.

One: Motorcycle Cases Are Rarely Straightforward

There are so many factors at play in most motorcycle cases that trying to gather all relevant evidence, determine causation, accurately assign fault, and pursue the maximum amount of compensation that a victim is owed are challenges that few – if any – lay people are “up for” in ways that are likely to succeed. Just as you wouldn’t operate on yourself if a surgeon was available to help you, you shouldn’t attempt to navigate the complexities of the law if an experienced attorney can take that consequential burden off your shoulders.

Two: Biases Often Affect Motorcycle Injury Lawsuits

Not all judges, juries, and opposing counsel respect motorcycle riders and bikers. In fact, preconceived notions of the inherent “recklessness” of motorcycle riding must often be overcome for an injury lawsuit to be successful. The team at Cashio Injury Attorneys, LLC understands how to address such challenges.

Three: Insurance Claims Adjusters Will Try to Minimize Their Liability

Just as any for-profit business does, insurance companies try to protect their profits. As a result, if they can get away with paying you less than you deserve, they will. Skilled personal injury lawyers know how to respond to the tactics that claims adjusters use in an effort to minimize their liability. Sometimes, even the knowledge that someone who is submitting a claim is represented by counsel is enough to scare an insurance claims adjuster straight.

Four: Partial Liability Issues Can Be Tough to Dissect

Louisiana injury victims are empowered to seek damages against others involved in a crash even if they were partially to blame for what happened. However, accurately determining which degree of fault should be assigned to each party can be a truly challenging task. A lawyer is far more likely to be able to make these consequential determinations accurately than a lay person would.

Five: You Need to Focus on Healing

You were just involved in an injurious motorcycle crash. You shouldn’t be arguing with insurance companies and trying to prepare for court. Allow our dedicated Baton Rouge motorcycle accident lawyer team to handle the heavy lifting so that you can focus on recovering from your injuries.

Baton Rouge Motorcycle Accident Lawyer FAQs

Should I Accept the First Settlement?

Even before talking to a Baton Rouge motorcycle accident lawyer, it’s possible for the other party’s insurance company to offer a settlement. However, it’s best to exercise caution before accepting a settlement. Insurance companies realize that many victims don’t have the legal knowledge to determine what’s a fair settlement or not. Therefore, insurance companies may offer an unfair settlement. An attorney from Cashio Injury Attorneys, LLC can determine if a settlement is justified or if more negotiations need to take place. In many cases, the first settlement is extremely low, especially if the insurance company doesn’t know that you’re currently working with a lawyer. 

What Should I Do If I Get a Call From the Insurance Companies? 

Your insurance company may contact you regarding the claim or case, or the other party’s insurance company can contact you as well. While the agent on the other end will sound friendly, it’s important to note that they still represent the interests of the insurance company. Therefore, their goal is often to get you to accept a settlement or find a way to cast reasonable doubt on your case. Even something minor like an agent asking, “How are you?” and you responding with “Good” can give them ammo to argue that you’re not seriously affected by the motorcycle accident. Don’t be rude, but make it clear that you don’t feel comfortable discussing the case without your attorney present. 

Can I Talk About the Case With My Loved Ones? 

As a rule of thumb, it’s best not to discuss your case with anyone besides your lawyer and any respective parties they request you speak with (such as a medical physician or a car accident reconstructionist). Of course, your loved ones are sure to have questions or concerns. You can let them know that you’re pursuing legal action, but that you’re unable to discuss the case. In some situations, your family members can also be directly affected by the case, and a Baton Rouge motorcycle accident lawyer may recommend meeting with them as well. 

Will My Case Go to Court? 

Many motorcycle accident cases and automobile crashes as a whole never make it to the courtroom. Facilitating a trial takes a lot of time and money from both parties, and there’s always a chance for an unexpected outcome. Therefore, an attorney generally recommends settling. However, an attorney should also be aware that going to court is necessary. Although rare, occasionally going to court is determined to be the proper strategy. 

How Long Will It Take for My Case to Be Settled? 

Motorcycle accident cases can take anywhere between a month to a year or more to completely settle. Actions like filing the necessary documents, gathering evidence, and negotiating with the insurance company cause a longer timeframe. However, an attorney will be there to help you through the process, and when you work with a Baton Rouge motorcycle accident lawyer from Cashio Injury Attorneys, LLC, our team only receives a 25% percentage of your final settlement or court award if we win your case.

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