Truck Accident Lawyer Prairieville, LA

Truck Accident Lawyer Prairieville, LA

Weighing over 80,000 pounds fully loaded, a semi-truck is anything but a gentle giant. If you’re in a collision with a commercial semi-truck or other large commercial vehicle, there’s a good chance your life will be forever altered. Truck accident victims suffer life-changing injuries and may be permanently disabled. Some victims may not survive the crash. If you or your family have been involved in a collision with a commercial truck, you have the right to demand compensation for your losses. An experienced Prairieville, LA, truck accident lawyer can help you get it.

At Cashio Injury Attorneys, LLC, we understand how complex semi-truck accident cases can get. They’re often tougher than other types of crashes and require specific knowledge about federal and state trucking regulations and liability. Contact our firm today for a free consultation.

Can A Prairieville Truck Accident Lawyer Help Me?

Yes! If you’ve been hit by a semi, delivery truck, or other commercial vehicle, you have the right to demand compensation for all your losses, including medical care and lost wages. A lawyer knows that these kinds of cases are often high-value. The injuries the victims suffer are often more serious, and many people may end up permanently disabled or unable to care for themselves independently. You may not be able to work again, or if you can, you may not be able to do the same job as before because of your injuries.

Your lawyer can properly value your claim so that your settlement covers any health complications or diminished earning capacity you suffer. They can also assign a fair value to your pain and suffering and the emotional trauma of being in a severe accident.

Complexities Of Truck Accident Cases

The high value of many truck accident claims is one hurdle your attorney must overcome. Insurance companies don’t like paying out large settlements and may minimize your claim to save money. You may need a lawyer to fight back and get what’s fair.

Another challenge in your truck accident claim is that there may be multiple defendants sharing responsibility for the crash. The trucker’s employer may be another liable party in the crash, even if the driver is a contractor. Some shipping companies set such tight schedules that drivers must travel longer than the federal law permits. This means the drivers may be exhausted and not fit behind the wheel. Or, the trucking company may hire unqualified workers. Your lawyer can investigate the trucker’s employer to determine the extent of their liability.

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Do you need help getting a settlement after being hit by a commercial vehicle? You may have more legal options than you realize, although securing the money you deserve can take some work. An experienced Prairieville truck accident lawyer can build a strong case for top-dollar compensation after a truck crash, helping you find justice and closure. Call Cashio Injury Attorneys, LLC, today to learn more in a free case review.