Premises Liability Lawyer Prairieville, LA

Premises Liability Lawyer Prairieville, LA

Property owners and managers are responsible for ensuring their premises are safe for visitors and guests. If you get hurt on another person’s property, you may have the right to file a suit for damages you suffered. Premises liability injuries can run a gamut of seriousness, from a sprained wrist due to tripping and falling to a severe concussion or broken bones. Negligent property owners should be held accountable for the harm caused, and a Prairieville, LA, premises liability lawyer can help you get justice and the money to cover your losses after the incident.

The legal team at Cashio Injury Attorneys, LLC, can help after a slip or tumble down the stairs, being hit by a falling object, or other injury on someone else’s property. Call us today for a free consultation.

What Makes A Good Prairieville Premises Liability Lawyer?  

The crux of a premises liability claim is proving that the property owner or manager (like a store manager or property management company) was negligent in keeping the property safe. This may mean proving that the owner knew, or reasonably should have known, about safety issues on the property or the need for repairs. It may also include proving that the property manager should have promptly removed ice or cleaned up spills or puddles from a leak to remove the danger posed to visitors.

A good attorney gathers evidence like security camera footage, witness reports, and the safety and maintenance records of the property, building a legal case against them. Your lawyer can use fine points of Louisiana personal injury law and the evidence they uncover to tie your injuries and losses to the property owner’s negligence.

What Kind Of Damages Are Available In A Premises Liability Claim?

You may be seriously injured after an accident and require surgery, a hospital stay, or physical therapy afterward. Your damages include medical care, rehabilitation, and any lost wages from time missed at work. You may suffer a temporary or permanent disability after being hurt and unable to continue in your same job. Damages include your loss of earning potential, as well.

The pain and suffering from your injuries can be intense, and your damages include compensation for that. Some accident victims may also develop anxiety or a phobia after the indictment and require therapy to heal. When valuing your claim, your lawyer considers all your losses, both out-of-pocket and intangible. They can negotiate a settlement with the property owner and their insurance company, with an eye to taking the case to court if necessary to secure your compensation.

The Right Legal Advice For Your Case

Let the lawyers from Cashio Injury Attorneys, LLC, handle the legal legwork for your premises liability claim while you focus on your recovery. We fight for the highest possible settlement for your case and aren’t afraid to take it to court to get you what you deserve. Learn more about your legal options by calling our offices for a free consultation with a skilled Prairieville premises liability lawyer.